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pdf0 2017 - July - Burns - Electronic virtual trainstops

Peter Burns MBA, BAppSci (Elect), FIRSE, CPEng, FIEAust

PYB Consulting

As signalling technology moves from the world of the fixed signal to the world of Communication Based


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pdf1 2017 - July - Banerjee - Monologue of a Byte by Byte traveller

Somnath Banerjee B. Tech, FIRSE, MIEEE, MIRSTE, RPEQ

The history of “Byte by Byte” Railway signalling is also the history of new technology for Railway Signalling.  Any discussion on


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pdf2 2017 - July - Baker - Queensland Rail: AWS to ETCS HOT


Queensland Rail

The principle form of train protection for the metropolitan rail region of Queensland has been the Automatic Warning system.


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pdf3 2017 - July - Nardi and Revell - Migration methodologies for CBTC and ERTMS

Federico Nardi BCompE (Hons), RE(OIGenova)

Ansaldo STS Australia Pty Ltd

Howard Revell BA, CEng, RPE (Elec), RPEQ (Elec), HonFIRSE MIEEE

Ansaldo STS Australia Pty


Size 1.26 MB
pdf4 2016 - Sept - Cox - Level Crossings, When is enough, enough?

 Level crossings represent high risk exposure for railway operators.
 Obligation for engineers and railway operators is to ensure level crossing risks are seen to be


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pdf5 2016 - July - Pfister - Swiss Army Knife vs KISS How to optimise a level crossing 1

Assuming you get the job to implement or update a new level crossing: You will be confronted with lots of stakeholders,
influencers and legislative guidelines. The national regulator is


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pdf6 2016 - July - Macdougall - Headway as Part of the Operating Plan 1 HOT

Signal engineers and train operations staff often misunderstand each other when talking about headway.



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pdf7 2016 - July - Heibel - CBTC Versus ETCS - Score and Forecast 1 HOT

Modern in-cab signalling can increase capacity beyond the limits of conventional legacy systems and also improve service punctuality. The present market for


Size 352.4 KB
pdf8 2016 - July - Green - Re-Engineering Level Crossing Safety 1

This paper describes components and processes to re-engineering level crossing safety by controlling the movement over level crossings for both road and rail


Size 344.02 KB
pdf9 2016 - July - Burns - Time Based Movement Authorities 1

Modern communications based signalling places improved signalling functionality on board the train.

This can be used to enforce conventional


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pdf10 2016 - April - Naweed and Aitken - Lookout!

Anjum Naweed BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, CPE

Central Queensland University

Jeanette Aitken BE (Hons), MEngSc, Dip VET, MIEEE, AMIRSE



Size 1.07 MB
pdf11 2016 - April - McPeake - Axle Counters in Single Line Sections - A Smart Solution to an Old Problem? HOT

Thomas McPeake  MIET  AMIRSE


Axle counter technology is a proven, reliable method of track vacancy detection suited for a variety of installations. But despite the


Size 1.11 MB
pdf12 2016 - April - Lambla - Driver Advisory System Integration Steps

Bruno Lambla

Product Manager, TTG Transportation Technology, Australia

This paper first focuses on DAS technology insertion into the reality of the legacy of complex


Size 587.79 KB
pdf13 2016 - April - Gray and Alexander - V2X: Vehicle to Everything (Including Rail)

Paul Gray B.Eng., M.Eng., Ph.D. Cohda Wireless
Paul Alexander B.Eng., M.Eng., PhD. Cohda Wireless


In 2010 Cohda Wireless conducted a feasibility study for the use of


Size 1.31 MB
pdf14 2016 - April - Burns - Movement Authorities - A Systems Framework

Peter Burns MBA, BAppSci (Elect), MIRSE, CPEng, MIEAust

PYB Consulting

This paper on Movement Authorities is one of a series on the various elements of the Generic


Size 390.21 KB
pdf15 2016 - April - Atchison and Bruce - Implementation of ETCS on Adelaide Metro Network HOT

Brenton Atchison PhD, BSc, RENG
Michael Bruce BSc Eng, MIRSE

Siemens Ltd. Mobility Division, Australia


This paper describes the experience of implementing the


Size 1.77 MB
pdf16 2016 - April - Aitken - What they didn't tell you at University - or did they?


Aitken & Partners


Simplifying assumptions are a key to understanding many problems and can be very helpful. Thin, inextensible


Size 2.18 MB
pdf17 2015 - October - Tipper - Signalling the Layout or Signalling the Train?

Paul Tipper BSc

P.R.Tipper Pty Ltd

The conventional practice of placing signals onto a track layout to meet operational requirements often fails to achieve the aim of the


Size 614.09 KB
pdf18 2015 - October - Palazzi - Railway Capacity - Signalling amongst other influences

Bill Palazzi B.Eng (Elec.) MIRSE


The layout and configuration of a signalling is a key factor in defining the capacity of a railway. However, the signalling system


Size 1.12 MB
pdf19 2015 - October - Moore - Signalling Principles of ARTC HOT

Trevor Moore  BEng, MBA, FIRSE, FIE Aust 

Australian Rail Track Corporation

The Australian Rail Track Corporation was established in 1998 to manage the below rail assets from


Size 592.34 KB

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