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pdf0 2018 - March - Detering - 70 Years of IRSE Australasia {Presentation]

Bob Detering FIRSE


A look at at IRSE Australasia over the last 70 years

Size 1.92 MB
pdf1 2018 - March - Danton - Delhi Metro Line 7 [Presentation]

Julian Danton

Bombardier Transportation

Delhi Metro is a greenfield development of a 58km heavy metro system with 38


Size 254.05 KB
pdf2 2018 - March - Danton - Delhi Metro Line 7

Julian Danton

Bombardier Transportation

Delhi Metro is a greenfield development of a 58km heavy metro system with 38


Size 261.93 KB
pdf3 2018 - July - Wang/Jiang/Zheng/Zhang - Intelligent Monitoring and Maintenance Scheme for Large Scale Railway Signaling System

Xiaomin Wang


Southwest Jiaotong


Size 802.31 KB
pdf4 2018 - July - Sommerseth/Eknes/Hansen - Acoustic Train Detection

 Ørjan Sommerseth

Cand. Scient.

Wavetrain Systems


Size 718.56 KB
pdf5 2018 - July - Nardi - ATO over ETCS

Federico Nardi
BCompE (Hons), RE(OIGenova), RPEQ (Elec), MIRSE
Ansaldo STS Australia Pty Ltd



Size 425.49 KB
pdf6 2018 - July - Moore - Signal Design Verification – A Systems Engineering Approach

Trevor Moore
B Eng, MBA, Hon FIRSE, FIE Aust
Signals Standards Engineer, Australian Rail Track


Size 443.86 KB
pdf7 2018 - July - Gifford/Morris - Realising the Benefits of Developments in Axle Counter Technology in Australasia

John Gifford (FIRSE)

Senior Signal Engineer

Grad Dip Engineering

Maintenance Management


Kevin Morris

Technical Support


Size 766.4 KB
pdf8 2018 - July - Chan - Managing Complex Railways: Dynamic Timetabling and Remote Equipment Diagnostics

Chee Hoe Chan
Systems Engineer (Integration and Testing)
B Eng. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
Siemens Mobility


Size 439.52 KB
pdf9 2018 - July - Blakeley-Smith/Stelmach - Immunization, Earthing & Bonding 2.00

Andrew Blakeley-Smith

BSc (Hons) CNAA, CP Eng, MIEAust, MIRSE



Size 1.03 MB
pdf10 2018 - July - Arana - The High Speed railways in Spain - Digitalization

Jose Luis Arana

Telecommunications Engineer

Thales - Spain

Adelaide Technical Meeting 2018

Size 1.99 MB
pdf11 2017 - March - Moore - Signalling system safety is NOT an absolute

Trevor Moore Hon FIRSE FIEA Aust

Australian Rail Track Corporation

We often design a signalling system and continue its operation even though there are significant changes in


Size 366.87 KB
pdf12 2017 - March - McDonald - Is RAMS all BULL for Electromechanical Equipment?

Wayne McDonald BE (Elec) FIRSE

Siemens Limited

Railways are required to operate safely and one of the methods to demonstrate this is type approval of signalling equipment.


Size 302.71 KB
pdf13 2017 - March - Leveque - Advanced features over ETCS for suburban railway operation HOT

Dr Olivier Leveque

Alstom Signalling – Australia New Zealand

The advanced features over ETCS detailed in this paper are Virtual Block Sectioning and scalable Automatic Train


Size 677.32 KB
pdf14 2017 - March - Gillespie - Are CAD drawings the best way to design signalling systems

Rob Gillespie NTD Elec Eng.

I&E Systems Pty Ltd

Modern railway signalling systems now incorporate computer-based interlocking, and the wiring is predominantly simple


Size 1.05 MB
pdf15 2017 - March - D'Cruz - Do we have the backbone to support emerging technologies?

Malcolm D’Cruz M.E. Mechatronics

Public Transport Authority of Western Australia

David Lim  MSc. Telecommunication Management



Size 3.66 MB
pdf16 2017 - March - Boshier - Technology based asset management

Steve Boshier FIRSE, FCILTA

Auckland Transport

Asset Management is an area that continues to develop through innovation, technical developments and through new ways of looking


Size 1.77 MB
pdf17 2017 - July - Wimberley - Cyber Security in a Heavy Haul Railway

Jeff Wimberley BE, Associate Member IRSE

Aurizon PTY LTD

As technology changes, modern railway signalling systems are becoming more and more reliant on IP Data networks for


Size 378.78 KB

Jacek Mocki PhD, MSc, BEng CPEng MIRSE NPER


Shane Curtin MBA, BEng


Yulan Liu MSc, BEng MIRSE, RPEQ


This paper is


Size 847.19 KB
pdf19 2017 - July - Gash - An engineer’s journey to achieving conscious competence

Cassandra Gash MIRSE, MIEAust, MAIPM, BEng(Hons), GDSignalling & Telecommunications,

CPPM Melbourne Metro Rail Authority, Senior Signalling Project Manager

This paper


Size 806.43 KB

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