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pdf0 2009 - Nov - Hawes & Magyla - Sydney Metropolitan Freight Network



Dr Tomas Magyla PhD, MSc(Hons), BSc, MIRSE, AIPM, APM, MIET, MAET


The paper describes


Size 3.74 MB
pdf1 2009 - Nov - Formenton - Improving Operational Performance of Freight Trains using Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) Braking

Chris Formenton Bach of Eng (Mech.), Grad Dip Comp. Eng., RPEQ

Principal Brake Engineer, Queensland Rail

For nearly 140 years the mainstay of train braking has been the


Size 1.71 MB
pdf2 2009 - Nov - Burton - How many interlockings does it take to signal a freight train?

Noel Burton BSc MIRSE

Westinghouse Rail Systems Australia

The title of this technical paper may be a little misleading but like all good attention grabbing headlines has at


Size 18.21 MB
pdf3 2009 - Michael Magney - Northern Sydney Freight Corridor

Michael Magney

Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation

The NSFC Program of works has the potential to transform east coast freight operations whilst also offering


Size 388.84 KB
pdf4 2009 - July - Nellai and Lusty - Radio Link for use in Computer Based Interlocking - Microlok

Somasundaram Nellai B.S (Eng Tech), MS (IM), MIET, AMIRSE

Ansaldo STS Australia Pty Ltd

Anthony Stephen Lusty BE (Electrical), GDip Railway Signalling,


Size 548.43 KB
pdf5 2009 - July - Mclean - Insights into Project Delivery Innovation as applied to the MetWest Alliance Project

Stuart Mclean Bachelor Electronic Engineering, Hons (RMIT)

United Group Infrastructure Ltd

The MetWest Alliance project involved the upgrade of the signalling, track and


Size 1.11 MB
pdf6 2009 - July - Gardner and Hughes - Australian Standards for the Railway Industry

Alan Gardner B.Eng (Mechanical)

Manager Infrastructure and Engineering Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board

Brett Hughes B.Eng (Electronics)

M.Eng.Sc. (Traffic


Size 76.52 KB
pdf7 2009 - April - Kessner - Locomotive Communication Systems Installations Project and Operational Challenges

John Kessner OMIEAust, MBus, GradDip Manuf Man, AIMM

Pacific National

The freight rail industry is going through some significant changes in the use of radio communications


Size 446.08 KB
pdf8 2009 - April - Hodson & Isles - ICE Design and Testing Acceptance

Grant Hodson BSc

Ben Isles BEng (Hons)


The In Cab Equipment (ICE) for the Australian National Train Communications System (NTCS) implements the next 


Size 3.9 MB
pdf9 2009 - April - Hall - NTCS - National Train Communication System Project Overview

John Hall

Australian Rail Track Corporation

The primary purpose of the NTCS project is to provide a cost efficient, effective and interoperable Train Control  communications


Size 195.02 KB
pdf10 2009 - April - De Worp, Di Lernia & Shier - Advanced Train Management System ( ATMS ) Proof of Concept Phase

Mike van de Worp, Lino Di Lernia & Craig Shier General Manager, Communications and Control Systems Division (ARTC), Program Director (ARTC) and Program Manager (LM)

Australian Rail


Size 73.67 KB
pdf11 2009 - April - Bartlett - Port River Expressway Road and Rail Bridges Project Overview and its Challenges

David Bartlett B.E, B.Ec

Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure

The Port River Expressway (PRExy) opening bridges are the centre piece of a significant upgrading


Size 628.79 KB
pdf12 2009 - April - Baker - Rail Revitalisation : A Decade of Change for Transadelaide

Brett Baker, BE (Elec), MBA, MIRSE, GMAA, TransAdelaide

A strategic priority for rail in South Australia is to maximise the use of rail transport for passenger and freight movements.


Size 869.16 KB
pdf13 2008 - Nov - Stelmach - Proposed Electric Traction for Auckland

Jan Stelmach MSc Elect Eng CPEng MIEAust

D’ACE Design And Consulting Engineers

The electrification of the Auckland passenger service is one of the biggest transport


Size 2.85 MB
pdf14 2008 - Nov - Skilton & Clendon - Signalling Considerations for Electrification of the Auckland Metropolitan Rail Network

John T Skilton, CPEng, BE (Elect) Hons, MIRSE, MIPENZ, ONTRACK

James D Clendon, CPEng, BE (Elect) Hons, MIPENZ, Booz & Co.

By 2013 it is proposed that the Auckland


Size 76.04 KB
pdf15 2008 - Nov - Piper, Ashman, & Radford - Interfaces and Complexities Affecting Signalling Works - Dart and Aep

Myles A Radford, ONTRACK

The Auckland Electrification Project (AEP) and Develop Auckland Rail Transport


Size 89.68 KB
pdf16 2008 - Nov - Cotton & Wood - Auckland Metropolitan Railway Upgrading - Operational Background and Challenges


Simon Wood, BE CEng (UK) MIPENZ, MIET, AMIRSE, Maunsell AECOM

This paper provides a description of the Auckland Metropolitan Rail Network including


Size 586.25 KB
pdf17 2008 - Nov - Blakeley-Smith & Neilson - Earthing and Bonding: Emerging Australasian Practices

Andrew Blakeley-Smith, BSc(Hons), MIEAust, MIRSE

Director Andrew Blakeley-Smith & Associates

Allan Neilson, BE(Elect), MIPENZ, FIRSE

Manager Traction & Electrical


Size 145.84 KB
pdf18 2008 - March - Stainlay & Glendinning - ETCS Revealed - The RailCorp Experience

Graeme Stainlay B.Sc, BE (Elec) (Hons)

David Glendinning BE (Elec) (Hons), Post.Grad. Dip. RailSig

Rail Corporation New South Wales

Rail Corporation New South Wales


Size 481.99 KB
pdf19 2008 - March - Nikandros - ATP - 20 Years On

George Nikandros BE CPEng RPEQ FIRSE MIEAust MACS

QR Limited

QR has had some 20 years operational experience with ATP with some 2500 route kilometres equipped, including some


Size 1.85 MB

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