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pdf0 2013 - July - Hunter - Keeping the Cost of Projects Low - Benefits from Using Systems Engineering

Hugh Hunter MSc MBCS MIRSE Senior Consultant

Frazer-Nash Consultancy

We often read press statements slating a range of engineering projects for wasting taxpayer money. These


Size 1.62 MB
pdf1 2013 - July - Finders - Flinders - A Point of Principle

Richard Flinders MIRSE Product Line Manager

Siemens Rail Automation

Some time ago the Australasian Committee decided that at least one paper a year would be presented to the


Size 3.06 MB
pdf2 2013 - July - Atchison - Upgrading the TasRail Train Control System

Brenton Atchison BSc (Hons), PhD

Siemens Rail Automation

Dirk Klokman BE, MBA

Siemens Rail Automation

David Baker DipPM

This paper


Size 860.21 KB
pdf3 2013 - July - Hjort - Reducing Train Control Costs - The NSW Country Regional Network Experience

Graham Hjort BE(Hons), Grad Dip (Rail Sig)

4Tel Pty Ltd

Operation and maintenance of the Country Regional Network (CRN) was transferred to John Holland on 15 January 2012,


Size 569.64 KB
pdf4 2012- March - Russell & Cilia - The South Morang Rail Extension Project Journey

Jeff Russell

Signalling and Power Installation Manager John Holland Rail

John Cilia

Project Manager CPPM MAIPM AMIRSE UGL Limited

In the past two years,


Size 2.19 MB
pdf5 2012 - Oct - Walsh - Audio Frequency Track Circuit Reliability Investigation

Alexander Walsh BEng(Computer)


Audio frequency track circuits are used extensively in railway signalling to detect the presence or absence of rail traffic. When track


Size 1.04 MB
pdf6 2012 - Oct - Griffiths - Software Reliability – An Oxymoron?

Alena Griffiths MIEAust, CPEng, PhD, BSc(Hons), LLB

RGB Assurance Pty Ltd

Rarely a week goes by without a major software failure featuring prominently in the news. Some


Size 134.61 KB
pdf7 2012 - Oct - Gifford - Maintaining and Designing Signalling Systems for Reliability, Availability and Maintainability – Challenging the Paradigms, Beliefs and Sacred Cows

John Gifford FIRSE Signalling & Compliance Manager, Hunter Valley

Australian Rail Track Corporation

Most of you will be aware of the term Reliability Centred Maintenance


Size 571.56 KB
pdf8 2012 - Oct - Burns - RAMS – is that when you have more than one sheep?

Peter Burns MBA BAppSci CPEng MIEAust MIRSE

PYB Consulting Pty Ltd

RAMS analysis and the setting of RAMS requirements (often expressed as single indices) are becoming common


Size 422.38 KB
pdf9 2012 - Oct - Boshier - Independent Verification of Light Rail Systems - What, when, how and why

Steve Boshier, MIRSE

Hyder Consulting Pty Ltd

Independent Verification is an area that is not always well understood, perhaps misunderstood, yet if applied correctly in can


Size 214.92 KB
pdf10 2012 - March - Wilson - Level Crossing Principles

Laurie Wilson

Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board

The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB) is a small dynamic organisation based in Canberra. The RISSB works


Size 340.63 KB
pdf11 2012 - March - Ginkel - Track Design and Maintenance

Henry van Ginkel FIE Aust

Opus Rail Pty Ltd

Track design and track maintenance, similar to signalling design and signalling maintenance have evolved over the years and go hand


Size 1.15 MB
pdf12 2012 - March - Georgescu - Many Railways, One System - The Future with CBTC

Mircea P Georgescu

Product Strategy Manager Thales Canada, Transportation Solutions

Signalling is a conservative industry and has a cautious approach to adoption of new


Size 190.21 KB
pdf13 2012 - March - Farooque - DTRS System Integration - Integrating Melbourne's Digital Train Radio System

Saulat Farooque MEng, BEng, BSc

Test and Integration Manager, DTRS Project, Siemens Australia Ltd

The Digital Train Radio System (DTRS) project with the Department of


Size 1.24 MB
pdf14 2012 - March - Chadwick - The Regional Rail Link project – new tracks and systems separating regional and suburban trains in Melbourne

Marcus Chadwick BE, Dip Bus Mgt, MIRSE, MAIPM

Principal Signals and Systems Engineer Opus Rail

The Regional Rail Link (RRL) project is a rail infrastructure project providing


Size 362.1 KB
pdf15 2012 - March - Beavis & Keightly - Design Philosophy for Performance on the Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel

Paul Charles Beavis BA BE(Hons) PhD MIEAust

Victorian Department of Transport

Gareth Keightley BEng(Hons)

Metro Trains Melbourne

Melbourne Metro is a


Size 445.46 KB
pdf16 2012 - March - Szacsvay and Moore - Broken Rails and the Survival of the Track Circuit

Paul Szacsvay FIRSE

Principal Engineer Signalling R & D

RailCorp NSW

Trevor Moore FIRSE

Signalling Standards Engineer

Australian Rail Track


Size 860.87 KB
pdf17 2012 - July - Terry - ETCS for Worldwide Train Control


Independent Consultant

This paper discusses the application of the European Train Control System (ETCS) now and into the future. From its


Size 454.44 KB
pdf18 2012 - July - T Godber - Cars and Trains Dont Mix

Size 251.23 KB
pdf19 2012 - July - P Hughes - You cant get good train control

Size 72.33 KB

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